Dr. Pírek's Clinic - Orthopedics, surgery and gastroenterology



20. 1. 2016

Today, 20. 1. 2016 Dr. Pírek's Clinic did a complete replacement of hospital beds in the surgical ward, which was equipped with premium electrically adjustable beds.

19. 11. 2015

Dr. Pírek's Clinic fulfilled all the requirements and on 19. 11. 2015 received the ISO 9001: 08 Quality Management System for providing central indoor sterilization issued by Tayllor & Cox.

16. 10. 2015

On 16 10th, 2015, the Dr.Pírek's Clinic opened the world successful exhibition - Winton trains. The opening was attended by the Ambassador of the State of Israel, Gary Koren, author of the exhibition director Jaroslav Brabec, living Winton's children, Mr. Miroslav Pírek, ...

16. 9. 2015

On September 16, 2015 at the clinic of Dr. Feather ran a recurring annual audit of the quality and safety of care provided. The audit performed by the Czech Association for Accreditation of Healthcare and noted that it has found no deficiencies.

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