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Dr. Pírek’s Clinic

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Dr Pírek Clinic awarded Certificate of Quality and Safety

Based on three years of preparation and internationally recognized standards application, Dr. Pírek Clinic has gained the Certificate of Quality and Safety on 12th of September 2013. The certificate is issued by the Czech Healthcare Accreditation Society (Česká společnost pro akreditaci ve zdravotnictví s.r.o.) and confirms the highest European Union standard of care provided by the Clinic to all its patients. Both satisfaction and safety of the patients have always been the Clinic’s most important objectives.

Bariatric Surgery Treatment

Dr. Pírek Clinic provides bariatric treatment of obesity with use of modern surgery techniques.

The surgery is performed laparoscopically in general anesthesia in operating theatre and usually takes around 2-3 hours. Comparing to the other restrictive bariatric surgeries the risks of complications are lower as there is neither any extraneous material implant (gastric banding) left in the system nor the gastric wall is opened and resected (stomach sleeve resection and by-pass). Postoperative period demands 3-5 days of hospital care.

Average weight loss is around 30kg within the first year and around 50kg within two years after the surgery.

If interested please make an appointment for a consultation by contacting us on: +420 326 332 991.

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Dr. Pírek’s clinic

Dr. Pírek’s clinic in Mladá Boleslav is a modern hospital. It is located in a thirty-minute driving distance from the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.

Dr. Pírek’s private hospital provides complex treatment in orthopedics and surgery. The owner is a Swiss family of founder’s successors. The services provided here surpass the standard level of hospitals in the Czech Republic. There are 120 permanent employees who form the basis of this institution´s success. Dr. Pírek’s clinic is a health care institution founded in 1934. Dr. Pírek’s clinic is a private health care facility. It is a hospital with “good name”. There is a clear owner who permanently favors further development of the facility and uses all the financial sources of the facility for this purpose.

A team of experienced doctors guarantees expert care. A number of artists and sportspeople including Olympic sportsmen have been in their hands. Specific principle in this institution is Swiss method of providing health care – a care of a doctor’s personal responsibility. The same doctor indicates surgery, takes care of patients during their inpatient stay and continues with the care in postoperative period. Assoc. Prof. Bohumil Soukup M.D., Ph.D. is the head of the Department of Orthopedics. He is a doctor with practice from abroad like Saint George Hospital, London or Lorenz Boehler Trauma Hospital, Wien, Charite Clinic, Berlin, Orthopedishes Spital, Wien. Also all the other doctors have long-time practice and a lot of experience from abroad.
Dr. Pírek´s clinic is the institution specialized in orthopedics, surgery, plastic surgery and outpatient gastroenterology. Emphasis is put on modern therapeutic methods. The clinic is one of the leading institutions in joint replacement surgery in the Czech Republic. Almost four and half thousand operations are performed at Dr. Pírek’s clinic annually. Other orthopedic, general surgery and gastroenterology interventions are also performed here. Joint implants used in our clinic are only from well-respected Swiss or American manufacturers.

In plastic surgery, interventions are conducted in the whole range using materials only from well-respected manufacturers.

Dr. Pírek’s clinic also participates in international research study programs.

We have established a long-term cooperation with well-respected spa institution to ensure postoperative care.

Modern design hospital rooms of hotel type together with a peaceful garden enabling relaxation and postoperative rehabilitation support the friendly atmosphere of Dr. Pírek´s clinic. All the effort is made to ensure homely atmosphere and privacy for our patients. En suite facilities, a plasma TV, a fridge, Internet connection, a satellite TV with many TV channels in Russian and further equipment go without saying. Our kitchen will also attend your individual dietary habits.
New operation rooms and a sterilization center belonging among the most modern in the Czech Republic were opened in December 2012. The hospital also has postoperative rooms with modern equipment and progressive technologies made by Philips.

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